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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms & conditions for bringing your pet with you to

Muskoka Pet Fest!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding attending the event with your pet, please do not hesitate to contact us!

You will still be required to register your pet at the gate if you fail to do so prior to the event. Register them now to reduce wait times at the gate!

Pet(s) attending the event must be fully vaccinated

It is mandatory that owners show proof of vaccination records in order to register and have their pet attend the event. We want to keep all our fur babies healthy and safe, as I am sure you do too! 


Pet(s) must remain leashed for the extent of visit

It is the owners responsibility to ensure their pet(s) remain leashed and under control during the entire extent of their visit to Muskoka Pet Fest; regardless of the level of training or behavior. The only exception to this is if the pet has been checked into, and during their visit to the Doggy Daycare. 


Pet(s) must be under the control of an Adult

All pets must be under the control of an adult (Ages 18+) for the entire extent of their visit to Muskoka Pet Fest. 


Owners are responsible for picking up pet waste

There will be multiple pet waste receptacles throughout the event. It is the owners responsibility to clean up after their pets.


Aggressive, poorly behaved & sick animals not permitted

Muskoka Pet Fest has the right & responsibility to deny & revoke entrance to any guest with an animal showing aggression, ill manners, or illness at any time during their visit. If your animal is showing any of these signs prior to arrival, please do not bring them with you - lets keep this event safe and fun for everyone!


Bring your pet at your own risk! 

Muskoka Pet Fest, the Huntsville Fairgrounds, nor the Huntsville Agricultural Society assumes ANY responsibility for damages, injuries, or illnesses caused by a guest or a pet. The owner assumes all of these previously stated responsibilities. 

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